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General health checks at home include a physical exam and discussion about your pet's health.  
* routine check ups
* unwell pet check
* behaviour consultations
* dental checks
* skin and ear problems
* ongoing medical management
* quality of life assessments


Nail trims, pathology sampling, medications and other services may incur additional fees.  
There are some times when your pet will need to be referred to a nearby trusted veterinary hospital for more intensive treatment, investigation or surgery.
Consultations outside normal business hours are subject to availability and do incur additional fees:
Sundays add $250 surcharge.
Evenings and public holidays add from $250 surcharge.
Consultations for additional pets are $80 per pet.
Revisit consultations for follow up within 4 weeks of the same problem are $120.
Prices include travel up to 20 minutes from Hove PO.
Travel time 20-30 minutes +$30
Travel time 30-45 minutes +$80
Travel time 45-60 minutes +$120
Travel time more than 60 minutes - make an enquiry.


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