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Euthanasia is always emotional.Allowing your pet to pass peacefully in their own home is a blessing.Edna’s vet administers sedation prior to the actual euthanasia injection which makes the process much smoother and less scary for your pet.The prices below are for normal hours and include travel up to 20 minutes from Hove, SA. For additional travel fees see Consultation - travel fees.

Old dog comfortable on dog bed.jpg

Prices increase with the size of your pet as follows:

Small pets $350
Medium pets $380
Large pets $410
Extra-large Pets $460
>50kg Pets $490

We can take your pet afterwards for respectful aftercare and cremation (additional fees apply).
Edna's Vet is Partnered with Animal Welfare League for pet cremations.
We recommend looking at Animal Welfare League website to look at cremation and memorial options, or ask us.
Please note, for all but the smallest of pets, we do need assistance to carry your pet after they have passed away to the veterinarian's car.

Weekends and evenings may be available upon request, with a surcharge of $250.


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